Author's corner

Dear Author,

The organizing committee of the Recent Advances in Aerospace Actuation Systems and Components, R3ASC'16 will be very pleased to welcome you as an author. We sincerely thank you for contributing to the success of this conference. You will find hereunder some details concerning the preparation of your paper that is due February 20, 2016 at the latest.

Full text to be printed in the proceedings

In order to help you in the preparation of the full text and to get high quality proceedings, we have put on the website a Sample of final paper.

Please note that your paper will be copied without any modification unless the page numbering.

Papers will be published if:

- the payment of one registration (or the receipt of your purchase order) is received by the camera-ready due date. If it is not possible, please contact the conference organization secretary rapidly.

- the copyright form is provided with the final paper.

In order to guarantee the quality publication of the proceedings, the authors must follow the under-mentioned specifications for preparing their paper:

Language. The language to be used for the papers is English.

Final paper. The paper should be camera-ready. It must be typeset by computer and word processing software and delivered in the pdf format (Acrobat Reader). Colour is allowed for figures and images only.

Paper size. Use a vertical A4 paper (210 x 297 mm).

Margins. Left and right margins are 15 mm, top margin is 20 mm, bottom margin is 25 mm (printing area is 180 x 252 mm).

Columns. Manuscript must be typed two columns with a 6 mm column separation.

Length. Typical expected length for papers is 5 to 6 pages, including figures.

Units. Internation units are required in all papers. Special units can be added in brackets.

General organisation

Headings level 1: Arial 12 bold, left aligned, 2 linespaces before, 6 points after.

Sub heading 1: Arial 11 bold, left aligned, 1 linespace before, 3 points after.

Body: Times New Roman 10, justified.

Figure caption: see sample attached

Equation numbering: see sample attached

References: see sample attached

Notations: see sample attached

Page numbering. Please to not number pages. It will be done automatically when editing the proceedings.

Copyright. By filling and signing the attached Copyright form, the authors agree to transfer the copyright of their paper to the conference organisation for publication in the conference proceedings.

 Thank you for following these guidelines!

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